Ultra-Thin And Simple Style: Knockoff Chopard L.U.C Series XP Skeleton 161936-5001 18K Rose Gold Men Watch

Chopard is always on the road to innovation. Every breakthrough brings the creation concept and design style of the brand to the consumers and wins their support. The advent of the L.U.C XP Skeleton watch undoubtedly proves the craftsmanship and rigorous production process of Chopard.

The challenge of the ultra-thin skeleton movement also made countless fans realize the rigor watchmaking process of the brand. Next, the blogger will introduce the fascinating charm of Chopard L.U.C XP Skeleton Knockoff watch to people.

Chopard L.U.C XP Skeleton ultra-thin hollow watch design style adheres to its noble and elegant idea, but also reveals its superb traditional watchmaking process.

The round case is matched with the integrated streamlined lugs, allowing the curve of the case to extend all the way to the strap. And this design can make the watch look more harmonious.

18K rose gold watch has a 48mm diameter case and the thickness of 11mm, which can well wrap the internal structure of the watch. Made of Swiss 316L Steel, the case is relatively inexpensive. Silver sun-radiated dial with a hollow movement in the middle. The scale ring is inlaid with a gold-plated strip-shaped markers. Compared to other time-scales, this markers are simple and clear. The recognition is also high. The 18K rose gold platy Dauphine pointer also makes the overall feeling of the dial more harmonious.

Knockoff Chopard watch not only reduced the number and thickness of parts in the hollow design. At the same time, the pressure of the existing frame is increased. So that the entire watch is not cumbersome, which is a perfect challenge to break through.

The back of the watch is designed with a sapphire crystal mirror. The gold-plated parts visible through the back of case and the dial form a subtle contrast with the black board and the bridge. And the minute-and-second operation of the movement has a panoramic view, which is a beautiful experience.

The Chopard L.U.C Knockoff watch strap is designed with a matte brown alligator leather strap and 18K rose gold buckle. This combination is unified with the rose gold case and enhance the overall quality of the watch.

I have shared with my friends how to match the watch. In fact, the matching of the watch is relatively easy. As long as it is the style that suits you, it is the best decoration. For this skeleton watch, you can wear a shirt or a sweater. And people can even combine it with a T-shirt.

Sum up:
People familiar with Chopard know that enthusiasm and innovation are the two characteristics of Chopard’s philosophy. They penetrate into every unique piece of the L.U.C watch collection. This Knockoff Chopard watch has a rose gold case with a beautiful ultra-thin skeleton movement, which is sure to provide the perfect experience for the wearer.

Classic heritage: Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series Oval Pink Dial Silver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch 27/2000-23-11

The product style of Chopard is craftsmanship, fashion and dynamics. After the Happy Diamonds collection, Chopard launched another amazing series—Happy Sport, which is equally impressive. The double collections have the same element: flowing diamonds stay at the dial that slide and rotate completely freely between two transparent sapphire crystals. Brand always pursues the perfect combination of craftsmanship and mechanical technology. Today, the blogger will come with friends to enjoy this replica classic diamond watch.

Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series27/2000-23-11 watch
Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series is a true female friend, and the classic event diamond design makes every minute of wearing the watch be a happy and beautiful time. This watch is made of stainless steel and has a beautiful surface with a strong lustre. The dial combines the delicate pink pastel with a soft mother-of-pearl. And the black hands and time markers add an elegant temperament to it. The petite dial is more able to set off the luxury, and the flowing diamonds seem to fall from the raindrops in the sky, combining the dynamic and the beauty.

The history of the series – everything comes from bold ideas
“Diamonds are happier when they are free”. Chopard is full of tradition and passion. In 1976, the world changed with each passing day, which inspired extraordinary creativity of Chopard and then shaped it: let the diamonds dance freely between the two layers of sapphire glass, and make the original glory bloom. The Happy Diamonds series has been popular for a while, and has been highly praised by the media and sought after by the market. While in 1993, the daughter of Karin Scheufele brought a sporty style to this series—Happy Sports, which became as popular as the former.

This replica Chopard watch has the same look as a bracelet.At the same time, there is the flowing diamonds in the pink dial, and the diamonds are shaken with the body dancing, which is full of fun. Equipped with the Quartz (No Chrono) movement, the watch can always operate accurately. High precision Quartz movement provides sufficient power for the watch. The bracelet owns deployment buckle with push button, which can offer the safety of the watch staying on the wrist.

Sum up:
Adhering to the creative design of romantic poetry, the brand continues to break the traditional creative spirit. The small hour numbers that have been stored in the dial set free as themselves. This Chopard Happy Sports replica watch is simple in function but unique in style and materials. In particular, the bracelet design—Swiss 316L Steel chain, plus diamond decoration, can be used as a bracelet. The Roman numerals form the markers circle, adding sparkling diamonds, with unlimited creativity and beauty.

Flowing Diamonds: Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series Swiss 316L Steel Quartz Black Crocodile Leather Strap Women Watch

For newcomers of the workplace who have just stepped into the society, the understanding of watches is based on the primary impression. For me, the first unforgettable watch is Chopard Happy Diamonds series, which is full of romance. Unfortunately, the funds are limited, but the concept of watches began from then on. Like most girls, I was impressed by the bright appearance, and this kind of love is very pure.

The creation history of Chopard Happy Sport Series watch
“Free and innocent diamonds are the source of happiness” from Karin Schaefer, who managed the family brand with her husband at that time. It was until 1976 that this idea came true and turned into a famous series watch—Happy Diamonds.
In 1993, Karin’s daughter, Caroline Scheufele designed a sports watch—Happy Sport(combine diamond and steel materials) series. It almost means that diamonds don’t have to be combined with formal occasions. It can be paired with jeans ,basketball shoes or commuter. And it is also a tribute and heritage of Happy Diamonds series.

These two pieces are the works of 1993 and 1997 respectively

In addition to the Roman Numbers markers, track scale ring, brand logo and silver dirk hands, there are only seven solid round diamonds on the simple black dial. These diamonds follow the spirit of Happy Diamonds—without any fixing, which are free to dance between two layers of sapphire glass. It soon became the symbol design of Chopard that dominated the women’s watch industry.

With double flat rows diamonds, the bezel reflects a brighter gloss (completely cover up the lustre of dial). The diamonds are perfectly inlaid with the Swiss 316L Steel bezel, showing the high-quality of the watchmaking. In order to set the diamond, the thickness of case reaches to 10mm, which is quite stupid for the delicate and slim ladies’ watch. Choose or not, it depends on the preference of consumer. If you like a lightweight design, this replica watch should not be considered. However, the appearance of this Chopard Happy Sport replica watch is really fascinating.

The lugs extend the curve of round case, offering a comfortable streamlined shape to the watch. The blue gems inlaid on the Swiss 316L Steel lugs is also one of the focal points of this replica watch.

The black crocodile leather strap is soft and comfortable. Happy Sport series is free and enjoyable, the syncretic style and mixed material are the core of the watch’s character, and the leather strap is just the right reminder.
A combination of black and white is also the enduring colors, which is offered by this replica Chopard watch. As the season changes, the strap can be replaced to meet the different needs of consumers for color materials. Moreover, each new strap injects fresh energy into the watch.

Fatal Misconceptions Between Chopard Happy Diamonds Series Authentic 278893-3006 And Replica RXB028 Watches

The differences between authentic and replica watches seem to have always been the thing that people are willing to take the time to analyze. Not necessarily to conclude that a authentic watch is superior to a replica watch. Maybe they just know the breakthroughs in replica watch.

There is an unwritten clause in the watch industry: “if one authentic watch abound with replica watches, it might be a popular watch”. Replica watches are basically draped in genuine outerwear to cater to consumers. Therefore, the more the number of replicas, the more popular the authentic products. Let’s start with the two watches of the Chope Happy Diamonds Series, then analyze the misconceptions between authentic and replica watches.

Subject appearance
The difference between this replica and the authentic watches can be distinguished at a glance. Authentic one is made of silver steel, and the replica watch has a black bezel design. In addition to this, there are also the different number of diamonds on the dial, one for five and one for seven. When put aside the brand and quality factors, and analysis from the appearance, the design of these two watches are very attractive. The overall stainless steel design is simple and stylish, which is a formal watch. While the watch with black bezel is relatively casual, and the black adds maturity and stability to the watch, making it suitable for gentlemen to wear.

The replica watch uses more diamonds to make the dial more active. And five diamonds dial is more elegant. Although the gems of two watches are similar in design, the colors are basically the same. However, the gloss of glassware and sapphire in the sun is different. Curious netizen can compare them.

In addition to quality and craftsmanship, the two types of watches are really difficult to distinguish which is better in design. This mainly depends on the mentality of consumers.

Internal structure
In fact, the difference between authentic and replica mechanical watches is obvious. Most of the authentic mechanical watches are made by Swiss professional workshops.
Design, material selection and production are all done under the strict requirements. While the replica watch is somewhat backward and does not reach the Swiss level. However, the replica watch does not lose the authentic watch in the quartz movement.

Most of the quartz movements are also Swiss EAT, so in this respect, the differences between authentic and replica watches are basically not available.

Sum up:
For watches, it is good enough that 5% people know the watch. And fewer people can reach the expert level. If the watch meets your identity, few people will doubt the true and false of the watch. Therefore, the true and false of watch is not important, and the mentality is the most critical factor.

A Must-Have Meaning Item: Replica Chopard L.U.C Series White Dial 18k Rose Gold Transparent Case Back Watch

With the rapid development of society, the ideas are also advancing with the time. For the watch, at the beginning function of accurate time, to the practical display, and the current symbol of taste and connotation. No matter what kind of watch, it always shows the personality and pursuit of owner.

40mm diameter white dial is round that is made of fine polished 18k rose gold material. With the date window, the watch has no decoration that makes it a simple watch. And the replica watch uses the Swiss 316L Steel to make the screw down back, and the sapphire crystal mirror is located on center.

Through the transparent case back, SWISS 2824-2 movement can be appreciated well. The Brown Crocodile Leather touches comfortable, which is equipped with the classic buckle.

Friends who have knowledge about watches should know that most mechanical watches like to use a transparent back. Moreover, the current quartz watch is also involved in this aspect. If we want to realize the reason, perhaps the following will give some advice.

Why the transparent back of the watch is so popular
The transparent back has a long history, which has been created since the 1990s on mechanical watches. Now, many of watches also use a transparent back cover, closely following the pace of the times. Transparent back cover is not only for decoration and good-looking, its biggest use is to let the customers clearly see the movement part of the watch, in order to distinguish the quality of the watch, which can be assured to buy.

Moreover, if you know the difference between a mechanical and a quartz watch, you will gradually understand why mechanical watch needs transparent back.

The accuracy of the quartz watch is 30 times than that of the mechanical watch, and the quartz watch with the same function is one-tenth to one-hundred thousandth of the price of the mechanical watch. Regardless of the design, practicality, and function, the mechanical watch is far worse than the quartz watch. Even though, why do people have to spend hundreds of or tens of thousands of price to buy mechanical watches? Maybe it is because of connotation.

It is well know that the complexity of the internal structure belongs to the mechanical watches. The transparent case back allows the owner of the watch to see the operation inside structure of the mechanical watch, learn more about the magic of machinery, and carefully understand the artistic beauty of design. All of these is the unique art of the mechanical watch.

This 18k Rose Gold replica watch is beautifully crafted, quality guaranteed and very cheap. Transparent back is very wonderful, and it is very good in the replica timepiece.

Simple But Classic: Chopard L.U.C Rose Gold Replica Watch

When it comes to Chopard, I believe that most people will think of the piano genius in the music hall. Today I want to introduce you to the brand with the same name as this musician — Chopard. A world-class luxury watch brand.

Unique design concept: classic in the ordinary
The watchmaking philosophy of Chopard: casual and nature, which has always touching people who love it deeply. These people also respond to this great world brand with the most loyal heart.

Family business is a different place for Chopard watches, and 99% of the products are made by themselves that is another major feature. So some watchmakers are the part of their own production. But Chopard puts almost all of his energy into production and design, then outsources the sales.

Chopard always does something very emotional, and all decisions of the company are based entirely on family ideas. How to ensure that the products can be recognized by consumers? Many large companies follow market research and produce works are based on market orientation. While Chopard watchmakers never do market research. They only do what they like. And their main job is to find such consumers who identify their ideas.

The brand ambassador of Chopard — Romain Dumas
On June 24, 2018, Romain Dumas as the internationally renowned racer and Chopard brand ambassador drove an electric car to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. And he broken the record of the game called “Race to the Clouds”.

In Colorado, Romain Dumas succeeded in defending the Pikes Peak International Mountain Climb Championship for the fourth time. And Chopard offered a sincere congratulations. (Luoman finished the game with 7 minutes, 57 seconds and 148 points that is 16 seconds less than the previous record holder, Sebastien Leob). The Chopard watch witnessed this exciting moment.

Perhaps it is witnessing too many wonderful things, so Chopard can always give people an elegant and calm feeling. Let’s look at this style — Chopard knockoff watch that is the watches for couple.

Watch details
44mm two-tone (black and white) dial is simple and makes the time easily to identify.
Arabic numbers markers has the same color with the hands. And all of the markers has its style surrounding the white circle.
The black logo of the brand is obvious matching the white dial.
Round and polished rose gold case seems luxury and romantic.
The one-piece lugs connect the leather strap, in order to make the watch steady and sturdily.
Brown genuine leather strap offers a comfortable experience to the customers.
Screw-down watch back is hollow that gives people the way to appreciate the operation of the movement.
What’s more, this watch is unisex. So it is quite suitable for couple. If you want to send a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it might be a perfect present.

Low-Key Item for Youth: Chopard L.U.C Automatic Knockoff Watch

In May of this year, Chopard announced that Wang Yuan became the youngest brand ambassador of the brand and invited him to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year. The reason why the brand chooses Wang Yuan should be its long-term development requirements.

First of all, it is also the most important “popularity”.
Today, the “Fan Economy” is popular and it will bring good resources to the star that paves the way for his/her development. This is why Wang Yuan has been able to win so many endorsements and almost all of them are high-level endorsements.

Second, the own potential of Wang Yuan.
Wang Yuan attended the UN Youth Forum as a UNICEF Youth Education Envoy.
He was named as one of the 30 most influential teenagers in the world by Time magazine. At the same time, he is also a UNICEF education messenger. These achievements are not simply available meaning that he has the strength.
Let’s take a look at the young spokesperson — Chopard L.U.C Automatic watch.

40MM diameter dial is night black. Arabic markers around the dial are tidy and clean that make the time reflect in an obvious way. Silver dagger-style hands matches the dark black dial showing the luxury and fashion. Sapphire Crystal offers the customer a clear view. Silver round bezel is normal but it is the fine design with the leather strap. The material of case is Swiss 316L Steel that is durable and stylish.

Automatic watch is more convenience than chronograph watch for the reason that it don’t need operate frequently. Genuine leather strap feels comfortable when adjusts wrist.

After rigorous polishing, testing and assembly, so that the complex Swiss ETA 2871 movement can be perfect in front of the customer. This is not just a representation of basic or complex functions, but it’s the symbolic of the watch technology, and it’s a piece of clock art.

Do you know the meaning of Swiss Made?
“Swiss Made” tag:
1.Watch movement must be a Swiss movement.
(What is the Swiss movement? Qualified “assembly and testing completed in Switzerland and the original value of more than 50% is the original Swiss” )
2.The steps to assemble the movement into the watch must be completed in Switzerland;
3.The watch must be final tested in Switzerland.

This knockoff watch is a tradition that continues this brand, which is simple and low-key with not many decorations. And the basic features don’t own much innovation. However, the exquisite details add a lot of glamour to watch. If you like simple and low-key life, this watch will be your best choice. Of course, you can use it to match the beautiful dress and balance the overly luxurious accessories.

A Red Halo: Chopard Elton John Rose Gold Knockoff Watch Review 2018

Red is always means alert: red alert, red card, red light, red- light district, red figure and so on. Perhaps because this color is quite unique, so the red thing is more interesting to everyone. And it is fascinating. OK, let’s appreciate a red watch that is crazy.
Rose gold is the harmonious material which can join any other materials to create a new style.
35mm diameter silver dial is the normal size for people to wear, no matter at the formal occasion or leisure moment.
Arbic number with three triangular arrows black markers stays at themselves stations of the silver dial. And the rest of markers are shown in different ways that seems a little unique.
Broad arrow metallic hands seems powerful that can easy show the time when need.
While the thin arrow second hand is gentle matching the simple dial.
More special, the date window is between the 4 and 5 o’clock different from other style watches.
Ploygon shape case with the round rose gold bezel is a smart design to join their together offering a special experience when the customers dress the watch. The Material of the case is Swiss 316L Steel, which is polished well.
It is very good for the integrated lugs to transform the softness of the case to the softness of the leather strap. The perfect combination of the two is very harmonious.
Onion-shape crown with logo of brand is a good method to operate the watch in a right way.
As we all know that leather strap is always comfortable to suit the wrist than other types. Red crocodile leather strap with the same tone stitching offers a gentle feeling when wear it. And the color can match almost any color, so don’t worry about the clothes that can combine with the watch. The color of inner side strap is nude that is graceful. And the Chopard logo is engraved on it.
Ardillon Buckle has no feature but it is convenient to take on or off.
Screw-down silver watch case back that made of Swiss 316L Steel is steady and safe that can ensure the function of the watch in a good way.
Quartz (No Chrono) is more relaxed than other movements, which don’t need to care every frequently. The blogger prefers this style of movement because she is a lazy girl.
Sum up
Chopard Elton John rose gold knockoff watch is a gentle element that witnesses some of the significant moment and shares the happiness time with the blogger. Though it is a knockoff watch, it has the high-quality with the low price. For its wonderful appearance, the watch is deserved to be a partner for a person who loves life and freedom.

Elegant Taste Mark: Chopard Steel IMPERIALE 388531-3001L Replica Watch

Chopard Imperiale Steel watch has a unique style and noble temperament: the stainless steel Imperiale watch. In order to re-interpret the famous styles  in the 1990s, the masters draw inspiration from elegant and attractive  women who have a distinct personality.
Under the unpretentious appearance of this replica Chopard Imperiale collection, rare details are hidden including the typical lugs, which have been reinterpreted. This sculptural watch perfectly reproduces the splendor of the Age of Empires.
The engraved mother-of-pearl dial is reminiscent of the embroidered cushions with royal emblems in the palace.The logo of the brand staying at the inner circle seems quite gentle and noble.
The elegant silver-black Roman numerals are on the edge of the dial. In addition to 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock or 12 o’clock, the silver sticks are very simple. These scale modes, not only representing time, but also the symbols of royal. The slightly curved hands are like the sharp dagger used by the former monarch to fight, which is very powerful. And the long and thin second hand is very suitable for gentlemen to wear. The date window at 3 o’clock is exquisite and blends harmoniously with the entire dial. The double tone with the Roman markers is a smart design.
The top of the lotus-shaped crown is embellished with a small drop-shaped cut-out cabochon blue crystal that fits over the angular frame to add a touch of brilliance and lightness to the watch. The faint blue gem is both a symbol of excellence in the royal family and a perfect reproduction of the Chopard watch.
The mobile type of lugs pair with the Stainless Steel band provides a comfortable wearing experience for the customer. The length of band is about 200*20mm that is enough for daily life or business. Especially, the band can suit the different needs of customers by the adjustable stainless steel band. The case back offers a wonderful view for user to appreciate the operation of the movement.
This new Imperiale fake watch combines simplicity and elegance with exquisiteness and sensuality to create a timeless and stylish feeling. The watch has a 36 mm dial that is more elegant. Quartz (Battery) Kinetic is more convenient than a mechanical movement, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to add strength to your watch. The silver steel belt meets the needs of rigorous modern women and is suitable for all occasions.
This watch has the very demanding in the production process, and it strive to attract the most demanding women. To ensure that they can often accompany the customers around for entering and exiting any occasion.

The Ultimate Principle of Elegance: CHOPARD HAPPY DIAMONDS Watch

Black has always been a darling in the watchmaking world, and it is highly sought after by lovers. This mysterious but classic color is full of the magic of the senses and has a natural appeal to people. Everyone loves black, because it suits all occasions. Even the simplest costumes with it will add elegance and elegance. The most restrained character will be full of personality.

Black classic legend:
This black replica Chopard Happy Diamonds watch exemplifies this blend of power and elegance. Seven dazzling solid-colored round diamonds are swirling and dancing on a black dial with a white guillocher pattern creating a sharp contrast, which likes a lightning bolt in the secluded night sky. The silver sword-shaped pointer shows the time clearly. This sleek and sporty watch is seamless with any style of clothing.

The silver dial features a comfortable black leather strap for an elegant look. The inside of the strap is the logo of the brand adding the neat stitching, and the whole strap gives a refined feeling. The ardillon buckle adjusts the leather strap to suit the needs of the wrist providing a comfortable wearing experience for the user. The end of the lugs and the crown are inlaid with this blue gem, adding a luxury and noble experience.


Chopard Happy Diamonds Summary: chopard happy diamonds watch is really a good friend of women. The classic active diamond design making every minute of wearing a watch happy and beautiful. This watch is made of stainless steel, and the surface of the watch is extremely glossy. Silver hands and time scale add a touch of temperament. The petite dial is more able to set off the luxury, and the diamonds in any activity seem to fall from the raindrops in the sky combining the dynamic and the beauty.

This watch is very attention to detail in the match. Put on the elegant black chiffon dress and take person’s eyes away with the brilliant diamonds on the watch. With an elegant purple top, the sleeves are free to roll up, and the ethereal figure will linger in his mind. Think about it is a picture.

Blogger experience:

With a romantic and poetic creative design, the brand continues to break the traditional creative spirit. And the hourly numbers that have been collected in the surface are reversed. More significant, the expressions are expressed in Arabic numerals to add sparkling diamonds, which is creativity and limitless beauty.

The blogger bought this fake women diamonds watch for myself, which counts as a reward for my recent hard work. It has been more than a month since I received the watch, and I have been wearing it, very comfortable. So, everyone can try it, after all,  the price is still in an acceptable range. An exquisite watch will please your life.