Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series Flowing Diamonds Watch


Classic heritage: Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series Oval Pink Dial Silver Stainless Steel Quartz Watch 27/2000-23-11

The product style of Chopard is craftsmanship, fashion and dynamics. After the Happy Diamonds collection, Chopard launched another amazing series—Happy Sport, which is equally impressive. The double collections have the same element: flowing diamonds stay at the dial that slide and rotate completely freely between two transparent sapphire crystals. Brand always pursues the perfect combination of craftsmanship and mechanical technology. Today, the blogger will come with friends to enjoy this replica classic diamond watch.

Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series27/2000-23-11 watch
Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series is a true female friend, and the classic event diamond design makes every minute of wearing the watch be a happy and beautiful time. This watch is made of stainless steel and has a beautiful surface with a strong lustre. The dial combines the delicate pink pastel with a soft mother-of-pearl. And the black hands and time markers add an elegant temperament to it. The petite dial is more able to set off the luxury, and the flowing diamonds seem to fall from the raindrops in the sky, combining the dynamic and the beauty.

The history of the series – everything comes from bold ideas
“Diamonds are happier when they are free”. Chopard is full of tradition and passion. In 1976, the world changed with each passing day, which inspired extraordinary creativity of Chopard and then shaped it: let the diamonds dance freely between the two layers of sapphire glass, and make the original glory bloom. The Happy Diamonds series has been popular for a while, and has been highly praised by the media and sought after by the market. While in 1993, the daughter of Karin Scheufele brought a sporty style to this series—Happy Sports, which became as popular as the former.

This replica Chopard watch has the same look as a bracelet.At the same time, there is the flowing diamonds in the pink dial, and the diamonds are shaken with the body dancing, which is full of fun. Equipped with the Quartz (No Chrono) movement, the watch can always operate accurately. High precision Quartz movement provides sufficient power for the watch. The bracelet owns deployment buckle with push button, which can offer the safety of the watch staying on the wrist.

Sum up:
Adhering to the creative design of romantic poetry, the brand continues to break the traditional creative spirit. The small hour numbers that have been stored in the dial set free as themselves. This Chopard Happy Sports replica watch is simple in function but unique in style and materials. In particular, the bracelet design—Swiss 316L Steel chain, plus diamond decoration, can be used as a bracelet. The Roman numerals form the markers circle, adding sparkling diamonds, with unlimited creativity and beauty.

Flowing Diamonds: Replica Chopard Happy Sport Series Swiss 316L Steel Quartz Black Crocodile Leather Strap Women Watch

For newcomers of the workplace who have just stepped into the society, the understanding of watches is based on the primary impression. For me, the first unforgettable watch is Chopard Happy Diamonds series, which is full of romance. Unfortunately, the funds are limited, but the concept of watches began from then on. Like most girls, I was impressed by the bright appearance, and this kind of love is very pure.

The creation history of Chopard Happy Sport Series watch
“Free and innocent diamonds are the source of happiness” from Karin Schaefer, who managed the family brand with her husband at that time. It was until 1976 that this idea came true and turned into a famous series watch—Happy Diamonds.
In 1993, Karin’s daughter, Caroline Scheufele designed a sports watch—Happy Sport(combine diamond and steel materials) series. It almost means that diamonds don’t have to be combined with formal occasions. It can be paired with jeans ,basketball shoes or commuter. And it is also a tribute and heritage of Happy Diamonds series.

These two pieces are the works of 1993 and 1997 respectively

In addition to the Roman Numbers markers, track scale ring, brand logo and silver dirk hands, there are only seven solid round diamonds on the simple black dial. These diamonds follow the spirit of Happy Diamonds—without any fixing, which are free to dance between two layers of sapphire glass. It soon became the symbol design of Chopard that dominated the women’s watch industry.

With double flat rows diamonds, the bezel reflects a brighter gloss (completely cover up the lustre of dial). The diamonds are perfectly inlaid with the Swiss 316L Steel bezel, showing the high-quality of the watchmaking. In order to set the diamond, the thickness of case reaches to 10mm, which is quite stupid for the delicate and slim ladies’ watch. Choose or not, it depends on the preference of consumer. If you like a lightweight design, this replica watch should not be considered. However, the appearance of this Chopard Happy Sport replica watch is really fascinating.

The lugs extend the curve of round case, offering a comfortable streamlined shape to the watch. The blue gems inlaid on the Swiss 316L Steel lugs is also one of the focal points of this replica watch.

The black crocodile leather strap is soft and comfortable. Happy Sport series is free and enjoyable, the syncretic style and mixed material are the core of the watch’s character, and the leather strap is just the right reminder.
A combination of black and white is also the enduring colors, which is offered by this replica Chopard watch. As the season changes, the strap can be replaced to meet the different needs of consumers for color materials. Moreover, each new strap injects fresh energy into the watch.